Albert and Pogo
Dell1105Poor to Good$66.00Four Color -- CWW
Animal Comics
Dell119Poor to Good$10.00CWW
Dell125Poor to Good$8.00CWW
DC140Poor to Good$152.00CWW
Big Shot
Columbia162Poor to Good$13.00CWW
DC19Poor to Good$370.00CWW
DC117Poor to Good$67.00CWW
Blue Bolt
Premium410Poor to Good$11.00CWW
Premium56Poor to Good$11.00CWW
Premium66Poor to Good$11.00CWW
Boy Commandos
DC112Poor to Good$39.00CWW
Bugs Bunny
Dell1142Poor to Good$17.00CWW
Buster Brown
Brown Shoe Co.18Poor to Good$11.00CWW
Calling All Boys
Calling All Boys112Poor to Good$12.00CWW
Calling All Boys113Poor to Good$10.00CWW
Calling All Boys115Poor to Good$6.00CWW
Calling All Boys117Poor to Good$6.00CWW
Quality Comic Group11Poor to Good$24.00CWW
Classic Comics
Gilberton Publications112Poor to Good$17.00Rip Van Winkle & the Headless Horseman -- CWW
Gilberton Publications117Poor to Good$20.00Deerslayer -- CWW
Gilberton Publications118Poor to Good$20.00Hunchback of Notre Dame -- CWW
Gilberton Publications125Poor to Good$40.00Two Years Before the Mast --CWW
Crime and Punishment
Lev Gleason137Poor to Good$8.00CWW
Crime Does Not Pay
Lev Gleason188Poor to Good$15.00CWW
Dead-Eye Western
Hillman21Poor to Good$7.00CWW
Detective Comics
DC1200Poor to Good$68.00CWW
Diary Loves
Quality Comic Group19Poor to Good$11.00CWW
Donald Duck
Dell1300Poor to Good$31.00Four Color -- CWW
Fight Against Crime
Story Comics12Poor to Good$20.00CWW
Fight Comics
Fiction House143Poor to Good$25.00CWW
Fiction House154Poor to Good$22.00CWW
G.I. Joe
Ziff-Davis131Poor to Good$8.00CWW
Gabby Hayes Western
Fawcett110Poor to Good$15.00CWW
Gene Autry Comics
Dell110Poor to Good$17.00CWW
Dell122Poor to Good$11.00CWW
Dell129Poor to Good$11.00CWW
Dell131Poor to Good$10.00CWW
Dell133Poor to Good$10.00CWW
Dell135Poor to Good$10.00CWW
Dell136Poor to Good$10.00CWW
Dell140Poor to Good$10.00CWW
Dell146Poor to Good$9.00CWW
Hi-Ho Comics
Four Star11Poor to Good$39.00CWW
Four Star13Poor to Good$22.00CWW
Hollywood Funny Folks
DC129Poor to Good$10.00CWW
Hopalong Cassidy
Fawcett124Poor to Good$17.00CWW
Fawcett139Poor to Good$12.00CWW
Fawcett160Poor to Good$9.00CWW
Ideal(..A Classical Comic) Anthony and Cleopatra
Timely11Poor to Good$36.00CWW
Jeanie Comics
Atlas116Poor to Good$16.00CWW
Jimmy Wakely
DC14Poor to Good$47.00CWW
Joe Palooka Comics
Harvey112Poor to Good$10.00CWW
Harvey115Poor to Good$16.00CWW
Jumbo Comics
Fiction House179Poor to Good$22.00CWW
Fiction House186Poor to Good$22.00CWW
Fiction House1102Poor to Good$21.00CWW
Fiction House1104Poor to Good$21.00CWW
Jungle Comics
Fiction House161Poor to Good$24.00CWW
Fiction House169Poor to Good$24.00CWW
Fiction House175Poor to Good$21.00CWW
Fiction House177Poor to Good$21.00CWW
Fiction House180Poor to Good$21.00CWW
Fiction House181Poor to Good$19.00CWW
Looney Tunes
Dell128Poor to Good$26.00CWW
Dell141Poor to Good$16.00CWW
Dell151Poor to Good$12.00CWW
Dell152Poor to Good$12.00CWW
Dell153Poor to Good$12.00CWW
Dell156Poor to Good$12.00CWW
Dell158Poor to Good$12.00CWW
Dell158Poor to Good$12.00CWW
Dell160Poor to Good$12.00CWW
Dell161Poor to Good$9.00CWW
Dell164Poor to Good$9.00CWW
Dell174Poor to Good$9.00CWW
Lovers' Lane
Lev Gleason113Poor to Good$7.00CWW
Magic Comics
David Mckay Productions176Poor to Good$8.00CWW
Mickey Mouse
Dell1170Poor to Good$19.00Four Color -- CWW
Military Comics
Quality Comic Group122Poor to Good$63.00CWW
Quality Comic Group135Poor to Good$55.00CWW
Modern Comics
Quality Comic Group145Poor to Good$40.00CWW
Quality Comic Group146Poor to Good$40.00CWW
Quality Comic Group148Poor to Good$40.00CWW
Nellie the Nurse
Atlas115Poor to Good$15.00CWW
New Funnies
Dell1107Poor to Good$7.00CWW
Dell1116Poor to Good$7.00CWW
Dell1118Poor to Good$7.00CWW
Dell1122Poor to Good$6.00CWW
Dell1130Poor to Good$6.00CWW
Dell1132Poor to Good$6.00CWW
Dell1146Poor to Good$6.00CWW
Our Gang Comics
Dell118Poor to Good$24.00CWW
Dell125Poor to Good$16.00CWW
Dell128Poor to Good$16.00CWW
Dell136Poor to Good$12.00CWW
Pep Comics
Archie160Poor to Good$28.00CWW
Picture Stories from American History
EC11Poor to Good$31.00CWW
EC12Poor to Good$25.00CWW
Picture Stories from the Bible
All-American12Poor to Good$19.00CWW
All-American12Poor to Good$19.00CWW
Porky Pig
Dell1112Poor to Good$17.00Four Color -- CWW
Raggedy Ann
Dell172Poor to Good$27.00Four Color -- CWW
Real Fact Comics
National Periodical Publications11Poor to Good$60.00CWW
Real Life Comics
Pictorial Magazine141Poor to Good$11.00CWW
Rex Allun Comics
Dell12Poor to Good$10.00CWW
Roy Rogers Comics
Dell113Poor to Good$14.00CWW
Dell116Poor to Good$14.00CWW
Dell119Poor to Good$14.00CWW
Dell120Poor to Good$14.00CWW
Dell124Poor to Good$12.00CWW
Dell125Poor to Good$12.00CWW
Dell127Poor to Good$12.00CWW
Dell129Poor to Good$12.00CWW
Dell131Poor to Good$10.00CWW
Dell133Poor to Good$10.00CWW
Dell135Poor to Good$10.00CWW
Dell136Poor to Good$10.00CWW
Dell137Poor to Good$10.00CWW
Dell186Poor to Good$35.00Four Color -- CWW
Santa Claus Funnies
Dell191Poor to Good$19.00Four Color -- CWW
Six-Gun Heroes
Fawcett110Poor to Good$15.00CWW
Sweet Sixteen
Parents Magazine Group12Poor to Good$14.00CWW
Target Comics
Funnies Inc63Poor to Good$11.00CWW
Dell118Poor to Good$19.00CWW
Tell it to the Marines
Toby Press111Poor to Good$8.00CWW
Tex Granger
Commended118Poor to Good$12.00CWW
Commended120Poor to Good$8.00CWW
Three Ring Comics
Spotlight11Poor to Good$35.00CWW
Tick Tock Tales
Magazine Enterprises14Poor to Good$8.00CWW
Quality Comic Group118Poor to Good$11.00CWW
Tom Mix Western
Fawcett126Poor to Good$15.00CWW
Fawcett131Poor to Good$15.00CWW
True Comics
True Comics156Poor to Good$6.00CWW
True Comics158Poor to Good$6.00CWW
True Comics161Poor to Good$6.00CWW
True Comics162Poor to Good$6.00CWW
True Comics163Poor to Good$6.00CWW
True Comics164Poor to Good$6.00CWW
True Comics165Poor to Good$6.00CWW
True Comics166Poor to Good$7.00CWW
True Comics169Poor to Good$6.00CWW
True Comics170Poor to Good$6.00CWW
True Comics172Poor to Good$7.00CWW
True Comics173Poor to Good$8.00CWW
True Comics174Poor to Good$6.00CWW
True Comics176Poor to Good$6.00CWW
Walt Disney's Comics & Stories
Dell122Poor to Good$46.00CWW
Dell150Poor to Good$37.00CWW
Dell183Poor to Good$83.00CWW
Dell191Poor to Good$13.00CWW
Walt Disney's Robin Hood
Dell1413Poor to Good$11.00Four Color -- CWW
War Heroes
Dell110Poor to Good$10.00CWW
Western Hero
Fawcett190Poor to Good$15.00CWW
MLJ15Poor to Good$84.00CWW
Archie113Poor to Good$15.00CWW
Wings Comics
Fiction House165Poor to Good$22.00CWW
Fiction House167Poor to Good$22.00CWW
Any issue listed could be sold at any time and all are subject to availability. Cover scans and detailed condition descriptions available upon request.
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